Excavator buckets

Unsurpassed for quality of construction, all of our excavator buckets are made in the UK from only the best materials, ensuring they are strong, durable and long-lasting. We have a wide range of standard buckets and specialised buckets. No matter the job, we’re bound to have the right tool for you.

Standard Buckets

Our standard excavator and digging buckets deliver optimum performance with minimum stress to plant. They are available for all machine types in a full range of sizes.

Digger Buckets

Excavator Digging Buckets

Excavator Digging Buckets (0.75 to 9t)

Our general purpose digger buckets come as standard with removable tips and holes drilled for optional sidecutters. There is also a wing shroud option available.

Backhoe Digger Buckets

Backhoe digger buckets (0.75 to 9t)

An ideal, cost-effective solution for your backhoe attachments. Our backhoe buckets have bolt-on teeth and sidecutters. There is also a wear strap option.

Mini Excavator Digger Buckets

Mini excavator digger buckets (0.75 to 9t)

Our mini excavator digger buckets are tapered with bolt-on teeth and sidecutters. We can also supply these buckets with wear straps and teeth.

Ditching Buckets

Excavator Ditching Buckets

Ditching buckets (0.75 to 9t)

Our ditching buckets are suitable for the most demanding of jobs. Our ditching buckets also come drilled for removable blade option.

Back Hoe Ditching Buckets

Backhoe ditching buckets (0.75 to 9t)

Our backhoe ditching buckets are the perfect solution for your backhoe. Our buckets feature centre stiffeners for added strength and durability.

Mini Excavator Ditching Bucket

Mini excavator ditching bucket (0.75 to 9t)

Our mini excavator ditching buckets are suitable for ditching and grading applications. They are made from the highest quality materials for strength and durability.

Special Buckets

Our standard excavator and digging buckets deliver optimum performance with minimum stress to plant. They are available for all machine types in a full range of sizes.

Safelock Buckets


Harford produces a full range of digger buckets to fit the dedicated Safelock® Quickhitch.

Produced in the UK, our buckets are made from the finest materials giving you a durable, hardwearing bucket to meet the most demanding jobs.

Hammer Adapter

Harford supplies a full range of adapters to suit most common combinations of machine and hammer.

As well as standard pin-on adapters, we also supply units to suit the Safelock® Quickhitch.

KLAC Hitch Bucket

Harford buckets to suit the KLAC hitch system are designed to guarantee maxiumum digging performance across the range.

tilting buckets

Tilting Ditchcleaning

The tilting mechanism revolutionises the performance of a standard ditching bucket for landscaping and ditch cleaning, allowing the bucket to be held at the exact angle required to produce the right profile.

Activated by a single hydraulic ram, the Harford tilting bucket tilts through 45 degrees and is supplied complete with standard fittings compatible with your machine’s auxiliary hydraulic system.

Trapezoidal Bucket

Trapezoidal V bucket

The perfect attachment for the maintenance of ditches and trenches. Use a Harford trapezoidal V bucket to form new ditches, or open up badly blocked ditches.

The height and side angles on our standard buckets are in line with recommended drainage ditch dimensions (45 degree and 60 degree versions are available as standard). All V buckets feature narrow cutting edges for good ground penetration and have large capacities for efficient material removal.

Excavator Ripper Teeth

Ripper Tooth

Fabricated for maximum strength using wear-resistant steel, Harford Ripper Teeth are designed for tough jobs like breaking up tarmac, dislodging larger rocks from topsoil, pulling up tree roots and wrecking. They can also be supplied with removable tips.

Stone Bucket Attachment

Stone Bucket

For recycling and landscaping applications, Harford’s stone buckets are a low-cost means of separating rocks and other unwanted objects from soil or similar. The spacing of the tines which form the back of the bucket can be varied according to the degree of separation required

rake bucket

Rake Bucket

For fast, efficient scrub clearance and topsoil preparation, our rake bucket efficiently removes debris, sticks and weeds from topsoil.

Reed Bucket

Reed Bucket

Similar in appearance to a stone bucket, the reed bucket allows water to drain from the load back into the ditch whilst retaining weeds and other solid waste material inside the bucket.

Clay Hook Bucket

Dense, sticky materials can adhere to the sides of a conventional bucket, making removal extremely difficult. The Harford clay hook bucket is a non-stick bucket designed to allow efficient handling of these materials.

Whilst the overall special digger bucket profile remains the same, the sides of the bucket are cut away, thus reducing the resistance of material against the bucket, and allowing it to be more easily unloaded

Square hole grave digging bucket

With a narrow, shallow profile for specialised application, this bucket creates perfectly square edges. Ideal for grave digging or any job that requires a squared off finish to the hole.

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