Made in the UK from only the best materials

Quality Excavator Attachments

Here at Harford Attachments we manufacture a wide range of highest quality quick couplers and digger buckets to improve the productivity and potential of your machines.

All of our excavator attachments are manufactured in the UK so we can ensure a premium product. We’re proud to be a preferred supplier to most original equipment manufacturers in the industry in the UK, Europe and across the USA.

With a focus on unbeatable service, our specialist team can advise you on choosing the right attachment to get the job done. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

If you want the very best equipment, at a fair price, ask your supplier for Harford Attachments every time.

Quick Couplers

We manufacture and supply a range of cutting-edge mechanical and hydraulic quick couplers, or quick hitches. All couplers are built for quality and comply with the latest safety legislation.

digger buckets

Excavator buckets and attachments

Our industry-leading range of excavator buckets and attachments include options for almost any applications. Our standard buckets are perfect for replacing or adding to your attachment range. If you’re looking for a more specialised bucket, we can help.

tilting coupler

Tilting Couplers

The Harford Tilt Coupler takes machine versatility to the next level. The unbeatable combination of the class-leading Kinshofer tilt unit with our outstanding Pro-Lok, Uni-Lok and Safelock Couplers make it the attachment of choice for a wide range of applications. Harford tilting couplers, or quick hitches, are available for machines as small as 1.5 tonnes.

A revolution in quick coupler design

We’ve recently launched our most advanced quick couplers yet, designed and manufactured in the UK.

Featuring Harford’s trademark wedge system for guaranteed automatic wear compensation, the Uni-Lok® and Pro-Lok® quick couplers, or quick hitches, offer a service life many times that of other couplers.

Quick hitches